72 Angels Diary - 72 Engelen agenda 2018

72 Angels Diary - 72 Engelen agenda 2018


De 72 Angels Diary 2018 
ligt bij Aura-Soma Products voor ons klaar.
Ik zal deze uitsluitend op basis van jouw pre-order in Engeland bestellen.
Omdat er een gelimiteerde oplage beschikbaar is,
hoor ik graag zo spoedig mogelijk als jij er één of meer wilt ontvangen. 

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BK48 - 2018

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NIEUW!!! 72 Angels Diary 2018 - ook voor komend jaar weer een prachtige 72 Engelen agenda.
Hieronder vind jij de tekst die ik vanuit Aura-Soma Products Ltd. ontving. 


Dear Brigitte Sütmuller T-ASIACT BFRT, We are very excited to be able to again offer a rare opportunity to purchase your very own Angel Diary. The Angel Diary has been inspired by Bobbie Pierrepoint and with Mike Booth's support and influence they have once again brought into being a beautifully enhanced 2018 version. It has an inspiring daily affirmation, Guardian Angel attributions and Archangel Keynotes with the new addition of the Guardian Angel bottle images.

In Bobbie's own words: “We are pleased and privileged to welcome the Aura-Soma®information to the Angel Diary again this year. Mike has included the 72 angels and the beautiful appropriate Equilibrium bottles for the diary that has given us an insight into how the 72 angels can help us along our spiritual path”.

We recommend getting in touch if you are interested as only a limited amount of diaries have been printed.